BMJ Medicine is a new open access, multispecialty journal from The BMJ

It exists to facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration and discussion, encouraging debate on controversial topics and the exchange of new knowledge and ideas to improve the health of patients and the public. Closely aligned with The BMJ, BMJ Medicine prioritises influential research, reviews and methodology papers with the potential to improve medical practice, policy, education or future studies.

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Launch editorial

Introducing BMJ Medicine

In envisaging BMJ Medicine, we allowed ourselves to imagine what the most ethical journal built on the most principled editorial and publishing policies would look like. We believe BMJ Medicine is that journal.

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In this short interview, BMJ Medicine's EiC talks about her vision for the journal and recommendations to authors.

30 September, 2021

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Dr Emma Rourke talks about her career path, her role and how BMJ Medicine will help authors reach a broad audience.

21 October, 2021

(Video) Dr Sophie Cook, Editor in Chief, explains BMJ Medicine’s mission and how the journal aims to improve care for patients

BMJ Medicine's mission

The covid-19 pandemic has been accompanied by an explosion in scientific discourse.  Alongside the remarkable medical advances, we have witnessed a barrage of misinformation and bad science that has threatened public health and patient care. The need for timely and reliable medical information during the pandemic has reinforced the importance of robust journal processes.

Why publish with us?

Our promise is a high-quality, transparent and fast publication process. Our in-house experienced editorial team (closely aligned with The BMJ‘s) have the expertise to help you to optimise your work and disseminate your findings to a wide international audience.

Editorial Team


Dr Sophie Cook

Sophie is a doctor who trained and worked in the UK as a general practitioner. She has 12 years’ editorial experience at The BMJ. Sophie is particularly passionate about improving the health of women and children, the effects of climate on health, promoting sustainable healthcare, and the impact of social determinants of health.

Clinical Editor

Dr Emma Rourke

Emma is a UK-trained doctor working in primary care, where consulting with patients, practicing evidence-based medicine and facilitating shared decision making are central to her role. She has previously been involved with clinical and pre-clinical research in areas of oncology and psychiatry, and has experienced the process of peer review and publication from the author’s perspective.